Posted on May 31, 2012 in On Blogging

This is what happens MGID, random online marketing something whatever scammy blogger-bait company, when you keep emailing me. I write about it. I don’t install your widget. I do mark all of you email addresses as spam.

Mar 14th: First email. Totally fine. Not interested, so I don’t respond.

Hello, Ms. Christine Gilbert

I’ve been following your site and should say it’s a globally popular online resource for many women around the world. I have a beneficial partnership offer concerning significant increase of Almost Fearless female visitors via our free female-designed traffic widget.

The key benefits you get:
free promotion on our pages fem. mgid. com and on pages of our partner sites (over 1,000);
around 35, 000 – 40, 000 extra visitors monthly for free, who will increase the popularity of your site;
definite increase in page views and ad impressions.

Christine Gilbert, shall I send you more details how it works?

With kind regards,
Diana Hopkings

Traffic Expert |
| 8750 Wilshire blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Mar 26th: Second email. It’s okay to follow up. Once.

Dear Christine,

I haven’t heard from you, and I’m wondering if you got my previous e-mail.

I offered you to take advantage of our free Fem-focused traffic program, which will allow you to increase the popularity of Almost Fearless among global women community shortly
Shall I send you the details how it works?


Mar 26th: I decide to be nice and respond with a polite ‘no':

Thanks for thinking of me Diana, but I will pass for now.


Mar 26th: She responds AGAIN!

Dear Christine,

May I wonder why don’t you want to place widget on your site? Moreover, this offer doesn’t imply any payments and furthermore it will help you to increase the number of visitors and popularity of your site.

Let’s discuss?


I block her email.

I didn’t realize she originally emailed me from two accounts, so she writes again. Third follow up after a written ‘no’.

May 31st:

Hello Christine,

How are you doing?


Why? Does this actually work? What the hell?

I write back:

Are you drunk?

She responds:


What is up with these online marketers who harass bloggers? (By the way this isn’t my first run in with these folks, I don’t have those emails because I marked them spam but it was approaching a dozen emails trying to get me to sign up for amazing free traffic — because that’s a real thing and totally makes sense that they are in the business of giving me stuff for free. I think there might have been unicorns included too. Damn! Why is it so hard to give people free traffic?)