Changing Gears

I’m changing my blog ( into a print magazine. It’s 2016. I know.

In preparation for this change, I have decided to brush off this personal blog and start writing here. Hi.

I’m working through this blog-life decoupling step-by-step, like I’m in AA. I admitted the change was coming on my blog. I talked about it with my students. Last night I split my Twitter account into two, now I have an account for @almostfearless and a personal account at @cb_gilbert. I set up a new Instagram account @christinebgilbert. I changed my personal Christine B Gilbert FB page to “friends only”. My stomach dropped as I did it, and I noted that I hadn’t felt this scared about anything in a long time. I went from being connected to 60,000+ to almost no one. Hello? Anyone out there?

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Eight years ago, almost nine, I quit my job to travel and become a writer and now I’m shutting down the real-time documentation of that process. I think people get it. It’s time to stop writing about my life.

Well, almost.

I’ll still publish posts here. I’ll update my personal Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. I’ll be the vocal internet denizen that I’ve always been. The main difference will be that my day job – the thing that pays the bills – will no longer involve updating everyone on where I am, what I’m doing and how it makes me feel.

My god. It’s a relief.

It’s also scary as hell.

Why am I shifting to a magazine? I want to write more broadly, incorporate more journalism into my work. I’d also like to write a second book, perhaps about my life, but I will never again sign up to write a book while also blogging about it. It was impossible. Plus, this lets me bring in other writers. It lets me grow. It takes some of the pressure off.

All good things. A fresh start.

What will I write about here? I’ll likely cover my family’s travels, and little moments that I want to record and share. I’ll be writing about the process of creating and building a magazine at We Create (get a notification when that launches). I’ll be writing like mad at Almost Fearless (the magazine) but it will be more reported pieces and service articles (how-to). For more personal essays, I’ll place them here, where I’m under no real pressure to update regularly or cover my life thoroughly.

I’ll also be sending out a weekly newsletter of worthy reads, little things I find on the web. It comes out on Fridays. Sign up here.

That’s it. This spring we’re moving back to the states and right now I think that will be Durango, CO although we’re touring all of Colorado when we arrive to make sure (Boulder is tempting but might be too big and not a mountain town). We’re going to homeschool and travel in the mud season. I’m going to get back into trail running and have been more conscious about health that’s why I’m also reading up more about alternative medicine; cannabis, in particular, via Everything for 420. My husband wants to do more outdoor adventures. The kids are very excited about being in a place where they can make lifelong friends, they just miss their Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging stroller a little bit.

I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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