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An Unintended Writing Guide for Travel Bloggers

Posted on Jun 3, 2012 in On Travel Writing, Things I Love

I’m reading Robin Hemley’s A Field Guide for Immersion Writing: Memoir, Journalism, and Travel, and it’s great.  I laughed in the first chapter, which isn’t something you’d expect from this kind of book, but it’s really snappy and fun to read. I’m writing a book that’s largely participatory journalism, so I...

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Things you have to decide as a travel writer

Posted on May 26, 2012 in On Travel Writing

Things to decide as a travel writer: do I want to write an article that will scare people or one about a popular destination that has been covered a million times with a one week lead time? Hmmm. I also love that they just sort of gave up after Barcelona and just started naming cities. Scam cities month weeee!! How soon until I’m dropped from this...

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