I want to write this down so that other people can heed my advice:

Do not try to edit a film in a country where there are 50% power shortages in the middle of summer.  Or where internet costs $100 for 5 MB/mo of usage at 3G mobile speeds.

Also research countries first before you go to them. (Always forgetting this one!)

Also be more proactive — took us two months to realize the AC units actually worked.

Finally, life is crazy right now. Film is finishing up, Kickstarter campaign to begin, chipping away at Arabic, maybe Syria will end the civil war, perhaps Beirut will really actually get energy assistance from Turkey, and I’ll make it to September in one piece.

Enjoying the summer, the baby, all of it, but crazied like no other time my life.  We’re doing it.  Holy crap.  People are coming out of the woodwork to help us, offer us things, it’s insane.  Can’t even talk about it.

I love it, I’m super busy and I will definitely relax this fall.  But for now, it’s the final push to getting this two year long project out the door!  *karate kick*